Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cult Leader Mehdi Zand Denied Early Release & New Details Emerge of Greusome Attack by Zand & Co. on Former Disciples

There has been a number of news items circulating in the press regarding Mehdi Zand, the leader of the World of Yaad cult, and the violent attack that he and 2 of his disciples carried out on former members of the group.

In an article in the Uxbridge Gazette, one of the victims, recounts in horrifying detail, how he and his co-worker were viciously attacked by Mehdi Zand and feared for their lives. The full article can be found on the Gazette website.

Just after the publishing of the Gazette article, the Watford Observer reported that Mehdi Zand had been denied early release from his current prison sentence, due to the fact that he and his group still represent a serious threat to the lives of those members of his group who have left the organization (apparently, nearly all members save for a few family members and close friends, deserted the group after revelations surfaced regarding Mehdi Zand's gross misconduct towards his followers - financially, psychologically and even sexually). You can read the full account of the former member's terrifying story on the Observer site.

Let's hope that Mehdi Zand and the other 2 attackers/followers stay behind bars for as long as possible. These guys sound angry and seriously dangerous.

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